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In order to better protect the name and quality of local produce as a brand, and to help consumers in finding the very best, GI (Geographical Indication) system similar to that used in Europe and elsewhere has been established, so that regional agricultural products and goods can be registered and protected as brands.
Hokkaido was designated a wine-making region by the National Tax Agency in June, 2018.
With that designation, it is now possible for wines clearing certain standards, such as “using 100% of grapes harvested in Hokkaido,” to use the “Hokkaido” indication on their labels.

Hokkaido’s grape producing region sees large daily temperature changes and cool nights between April and October, and so it produces grapes with high sugar content and plentiful organic acids. The year-round coolness also allows for low storage temperatures to preserve the natural flavors of the grapes in the finished wines.
In addition to the unique efforts of wine operators and the cooperation of industry organizations within Hokkaido to develop special cultivation techniques to deal with the region’s heavy snows and climate, members of the industry have worked to help select and develop cold resistant grape varieties like the natural Crimson Glory and hybrids.

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  1. The origin of"Tokachi wine" is a wild vine. ーViticulture to wine makingー It became "One Village One Product movement" pioneer as the first winaly under the direct management of municipality in Japan.
    The feature of "Tokachi wine" ,as a table wine,made in northern regions is dry and sour. The taste gets even better and mature with the mind of authentic and its high quality.
  2. "Furano Winery" is a winery run by a local government in Furano, the center of Hokkaido.
    The temperature is unstable in daytime, and morning and nigh because of the surrounded mountains and inland climate. For that reason, there are a lot of hours of sunlight in a day, so the dark-colored, and high-sugar grapes would be harvested. "Furano Wine" made from the grapes is characterized by its strong acidity and good sharpness. A gem created by the climate of Furano is sold only in Hokkaido.
  3. "Hakodate Wine"aims to make wine to make customer happy, and proposes "Hokkaido-like taste and value".
    Taking advantage of the characteristics of Hokkaido's unique grape varieties, which have a cool climate, working on winemaking that focuses on the rich aroma and
    sharp acidity of fresh fruits for white wine and the gorgeous aroma of red fruits for red wine.

  4. Founded in 1974 in Otaru City, "Hokkaido Wine Co., Ltd." is based on the idea that "wine making is agriculture", and working together with more than 300 grape farmers in Hokkaido, widely supplies high quality Japanese wine. There are "Otaru" series, "Hokkaido" series, and "Tsurunuma" series as major brands, and the new sake "Otaru Hatsushibori" using grapes freshly harvested that year is popular as a unique taste unique to that season."
  5. The oldest winery in Yoichi Town, which was the first wine maker in Yoichi Town in 1974.
    We will deliver a "Yoichi Wine" that does not change while maximizing the characteristics of the grapes of every year, and evolves little by little.
  6. "Tomioka Winery", which has a history of more than 40 years since 1976, is working on wine making using grapes and mountain grapes of European wine varieties cultivated by taking advantage of the specific weather characteristics in southern part of Hokkaido. Taking advantage of the characteristics of each grape variety, it is characterized by a refreshing acidity that expresses terroir.
  7. In 1988, it was founded in Chitose City, Hokkaido as Grace Wine Chitose Winery, the second branch of Chuo Wine Co., Ltd. in Katsunuma Town, Yamanashi Prefecture (currently Koshu City). We have set up a brewing base in the northern famous brewery with the aim of brewing world-class domestic and in-house Pinot Noir. After that, in 2011, the company was spun off from Grace Wine. Hokkaido Chuo Grape Wine Co., Ltd. As Chitose Winery, we are making efforts to improve the quality of wine specialized in the northern production areas.
  8. Our winery run by a family who has been farming for four generations in this land (Mikasa city Hokkaido.)
    Based on regional agriculture and rural areas, we have established a winery business as a result of always being aware of technological innovation, high added value of agricultural products, and independence of farmers. We would like to form a new agricultural culture from the winery together with the local by gathering people at the winery, experiencing the wonderful nature and delicious agricultural products and culture of the local, enjoying rural life and deepening exchanges. As we have always been particular about the quality of agricultural products, we are aiming to produce high quality wine though small quantities.
  9. With the goal of " Wines infused with terroir " in Hosui-cho, Iwamizawa, we brew handicraft wine that feels the warmth of people in each wine as "snow country wine" born in heavy snowfall areas.
    In addition, we are particular about 100% of our own grapes for the taste of wine, and the concept is to inherit high quality brewing.
  10. "Maoi Jiyoku no Oka Winery" is located in the Umaoi hills of Naganuma Town, about an hour drive from central Sapporo.
    "where the rugosa rose is" by putiing a Ainu language, has been known for cultivating extremely rare varieties and making unique wines in addition to mountain grapes.
    "Jiyunohama Wine" is a new brand with 2017 as the first vintage, and is made with free ideas that are not bound by the frame, based on the technology cultivated in the old brand "Naneso Wine".
  11. We wanted to create an "Okushiri brand". Therefore, in 1999, we started cultivating mountain grapes in order to make wine made from the mountain grapes of the island.
    At the same time, we learned about wine, broadened our thinking, and worked on the cultivation of world-class wines and wine varieties. Finally, in 2009, "Okushiri Wine" was born. You can enjoy the unique "wine that feels the transparent sea" unique to the remote island of Okushiri Island.
  12. Natural Farm Group Co., Ltd. Is a wine brewing company (Berry Berry Farm & Winery Niki) in Niki Town, and itswas established in 2008 as the brewing division of Agricultural Production Corporation Natural Farm. Hokkaido has the highest production of wine grapes for brewing in Japan, and the Yoichi and Niki areas have a good climate and soil conditions.
    Many Vin Yards and wineries have been built in recent years.
    Berry Berry Farm & Winery Niki uses organic JAS certified agricultural products from its own farm. Adopted organic brewing method and obtained "Japan's first from Hokkaido" organic wine certification.
  13. Thanks to its unique microclimate and soils, Mt. Hakkenzan area is well known as suitable for orchard and farming in Sapporo, the capital city of Hokkaido prefecture. We proudly recommend you our wines and agricultural products cultivated carefully by the farmers working in this area. Please enjoy our HakkenzanTeroir.
  14. We do not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, pesticides, antioxidants, etc... of course, and ferment all with wild yeast.
    We will continue to aim to make Hokkaido wine that is easy on the body and feels the powerful vitality of nature by valuing the natural environment and coexisting with various plants and living things.
  15. They are a small winery founded in Otaru, Hokkaido in 2015. The concept is "happy wine".
    The couples are also former sommeliers, and by making use of their experience, they aim to create wines that are rich in aroma and complement their daily meals. In their own fields in Otaru and Yoichi, they carefully grow aroma-based white varieties such as Gewürztraminer by hand.
    They mainly make dry white wine that makes the best use of Hokkaido acid, and also make sparkling and rosé. Annual production is about 10,000.
  16. Our winery is located in the hills of Niki-cho, Hokkaido, and is a complex winery that opened its grand opening in July 2019. The 33ha site is equipped with vineyards, breweries, natural gardens, forests, orchards, restaurants and accommodations. In addition to tasting and purchasing brewed wine, which has won numerous awards in domestic and international competitions, you can enjoy dishes that go well with wine at the restaurant. We also accept inari tours and accommodations, and provide them to those who visit the space where they can return to nature through their five senses.
  17. Winery Yume no Mori Wine is a wine born from a project to improve Yume no Mori, a forest for children
    The four wines of Niagara, Delaware, Campbell and Sabel are selected from the most popular grapes in Yoichi.
    A clear wine with a drop of dreams and nature.
    The mellow fragrance and the taste of wine in your heart make you feel like a rainbow. Please enjoy the taste.
    *Experience workshop using imported juice

    2002Shimogoryo, Furano, Hokkaido

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